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ZNET-16-Square 1200W HPS Replacement Grow Lights


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  • Grow 18~24 plants from veg to bloom
  • Cover 8x8ft for veg,6x6ft for bloom
  • Best spectrum 630~660nm red,450~465nm blue,plus 3500k white
  • Actual power 500w,replace 1200w HPS Bulb
  • Dimension: 24" Lx 24" Wx 2.75"H
  • Thinker heat sink and big fans
  • Daisy chain power cord included
  • 2 years USA warranty
  • WYZM brand

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As we all know, plants need light to absorb nutrients.They use the energy of light to carry out photosynthesis and get the nutrients necessary for growth,what kind of spectrum would be best? Hit right warelength that's important,see below Spectrogram of Photosynthesis,400nm~500nm wavelength are great for veg,the 450nm is the best on the veg stage. 600nm~700nm wavelength are great for bloom,the 660nm is the best on the bloom stage,so we made the them with 450nm,465nm,630nm,660nm,plus 3500k whites.

Working time 16hours per day
dimension L663*W663*H80mm
Working Temperature: –20 To 40degrees
LED Quantity:288pcs High Power 3W LED
Operating Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Optical Lens: 90degrees
PAR Reading:
4'X4' @18"
Plants Can Be Grown: 18~24 Plants
Accessory:Power Lead+Hanging Kits+Piggy Cords