Foldable 8 Bar LED Grow Light 640-Watts

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-Model No.: Yxin8

-Number of Bar Light:8

-PPF: 1805umol/s

-Efficacy: 2.6umol/J

-LED Qty: 2640pcs SMD3030

-Dimming: 0~10V Dimmer/ PWM/ Timer Dimming

-Spectrum: Full spectrum

-Mounting Heigh: > 6" above canopy

-Fixture Dimension: 42.5"x41.7"x1.6"

-Power: 670 watts

-Weight: 42.99 LB

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LED Diodes:
Using brand Samsung LM301B and SDM3030 and OSRAM as diodes.There are 2240pcs 3000k warm white,320pcs 5000k white and 80pcs 660nm
red led diodes. High quality, high efficacy,long lifetime, super bright.More than 60% higher in PPFD compared with HPS lamp.
Efficacy up to 2.6 unol/J. 120 degrees bram angle,large coverage ,equivalent to 2000W HPS Lamps.
Full Spectrum:
The spectrum is great for growing plants.It is almost similar to the sun spectrum.See the left spectrogram,blue spectrum
450nm~460nm peaks up to 1.0,and the red spectrum 660nm peaks up to 0.8,that means our light provides more PUR than any other grow
lights, while helping to provide plants coloration only possible with UPS and FLS before.Provides the plant with the full spectrum
from seeding to flowering. Ideal for indoor plants all stages growing.
RJ14 Smart Controller:
If your grow room is very big,so you will use a lot of the bar grow lights,but there is a problem of how to control them at same
time,so you may look at a way to control multiple lights at same time.Yes, it's painful if you just go to use dimmer knob to
adjust brightness one by one. Ok, here we develop a RJ14 Smart Controller,the controller has two jacks, it looks like daisy chain
socket,you just use one network cable to connect to "Input",and use another cable to connect to "Out", link all lights each
other,then you can control all lights through the smart controller,so easy to use it.
Large coverage and running quiet and cool:
It's a foldable design,very easy to install,it's not like before you need to use so many screws to install each bar lights,you
just spread it out,and then you can hang it to tent,room ceiling or shelf. The coverage is very large,it can cover big area, veg
footprint is 6 x 6 ft, flowering footprint is 5 x 5 ft.The average yield is more than 2g/w, which means that you can harvest more
than 960 grams per lamp,absolute value for money! Simple structure, no fan,no noise. New folding design for a fast installation.
High Safety performance MEAN WELL driver and Pure Aluminum light bars.