200x10w LED Grow Light,2000W HPS Replacement,Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Lamp,Special Design for Indoor Growing Herbs and Plants

200 x 10w

New product

- Replaces a 2000 watt old HPS/MH
- Use for Veg stages of plant growth
- Max Coverage at 24" Height 3.0x3.0ft
- Dimensions:16''*16''*2'' 
- Power Draw: 170 watt MAX
- (200pcs) High Intensity 10Watt Epistar LED Bulbs
- Beam Angle: 120°
- Input Voltage: AC100-240V 
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Lifespan: 50,000 hours

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  • 【Professional Light with Affordable Price 】This WYZM LED grow light is made with 200pcs 10W leds,and affordable price which is very good for new growers. LED grow lights are relatively new to the growing scene, but they have become wildly popular over the last few years with their ability to produce great yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity.
  • 【Do Great Job for Indoor Growing 】When the 200*10W LED light is suspended at a height of 24", the PAR rating in the center under the light hits 428, with a 3’ by 3’ area rated at 387umol or better. Generally, a light that can achieve at least 300 umol is considered very good for indoor plants growing. So the spectrum of the this led grow light shows it could do a great job at encouraging healthy growth in a small grow tent.
  • 【More than 50% Electric Bill Saving】Traditional forms of lighting your indoor grow can be very powerful, but unfortunately they aren’t very power efficient. That is why LED grow lights are preferred. They have the power to produce a great deal of light without having to draw much power. Doing this saves you money in the long run.
  • 【Last for a Long Lifespan】When you use the best LED grow lights, you will have the chance to grow for years without having to replace your lighting system. Most LED lights are rated at somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of use. For comparison, many other grow lights tend to last for around 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced.Protecting diodes are added to make sure one chip out, others still work.
  • 【QUALITY GUARANTEE】Standard 6ft long US plug; WYZM LED grow lights provide 2 MONTHS EXCHANGED or MONEY BACK policy and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.