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LED High Bay Light Fixtures 100W AC110-277V 12000LM 300W HPS/HID Equivalent

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.Dimension:11.8 x 8.7 x 11.8inches 
.Input Line Voltage: 120-277V AC
.Input Power:  100 Watts (W)
.Rated Lamp Life: >50,000 Hours
.Available Color Temp.: 5500K (Daylight)
.Lighting Angle: 160 Degrees
.Lumens:12000 Lumens
.Certifications: UL, FCC, CE, and RoHs
.IP Rating:IP65
.Power Factor: >0.95
.Driver Efficiency:  >90%
.Warranty:5 years

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1.Energy savings of over 50%! Cut your electric bill in half from using standard 300-400 watt high bay lights,It  is very bright and hangs straight.
2.Best quality LED light using Bridgelux Chip and Meanwell Driver for a bright cool white light.
3.The entire fixture is a aluminum heat sink,very intelligent design.
4.With the included eye bolt it takes minutes to physically hang.
5.Ideal for Commercial or Industrial use. Use in your Warehouse, Supermarkets, Furniture Store, etc.
6.Instant-on, no warm up time required! No mercury, UV emissions or harmful elements. Meets IP65 Ratings. Dust & Water Resistant.
Q:Does it use UL driver?
A:Yes,It is made with UL-proved driver.
Q:The fixture is a aluminum heat sink?
A:Yes,it's thicker aluminum,very nice design.
Q:How many led diodes are in each light? what is the degree of beam spread?
A:133 pieces of diodes in each light,It is 100W true output,160 degree beam angle.
Q:I have a 50x90 garage with 11' ceilings how many 100 watt lights would I need?
A:We have a customer use 14 of the 100w for garage 34x60 with 14' ceilings,so we suggest you use 26~30pcs.
Q:Whats with the brown and blue wiring? Which is hot and which is neutral?
A:Usually brown is for hot
Q:How long is the attached cord?
A:12 inch
Q:would these be suitable for a ceiling height of 25' and how many to light 120'x120' indoor horse riding arena
A:60pcs 100watt or 30pcs 150watt please Let me know how many lux need then I can draft a layout for you,also do you currently have any lights for the horse area?If yes,how many bulbs?
Q:The product photos show a black fixture, while in the product info says its white. Which is it?
A:Black casing with 5500k daylight white color
Q:What is the lumen output on 110V?
A:12000lm @110V
Q:In the description it says 110v 277v. shall i assume that this light is indeed rated for a 277 volt supply voltage? what's the lumen?
A:Yes, we installed four of the lights to 277 and they produce 12000-12600 lumens. Very bright light